You Won’t Believe What I Add To My Guacamole

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Super Bowl Sunday is just days away with the younger vs. older quarterback showdown. Personally, I like Peyton Manning and hope he ends his career on top.

While many will be glued to the TV in hopes that their team wins (or at least some good commercials play), a smorgasbord of football foods will be served.

A random Wikipedia fact, but did you know that over 8 million pounds of guacamole will be consumed on Sunday? That’s cray-cray!

I am an avocado junkie myself and can easily eat guacamole by the boat load. While many people buy the store bought stuff, I am a big fan of the homemade fresh and delicious guacamole.

I will admit, I have thrown down for the conventional guac on occasion when I want something quick, but homemade guac is so easy to make.

AND when you make your own you will be sure to leave out the preservatives like sodium benzoate, soybean oil, citric acid, and sugar that is often found in the store bought products.

Yuck, not in my guac please!

We want the good healthy fats of real avocados.

Whether you’re hosting a Super Bowl party or attending one, be the person who brings the amazing party dip with this fresh recipe.

Another health tip, instead of serving guac with chips, trying slicing big chip size pieces of carrots for an added crunch minus the extra calories.

The best guacamole I’ve ever had was during a recent trip down to Costa Rica where I learned about a little secret ingredient: a hardboiled egg. Sounds random, but give it a shot.

It was avocado-this-world!!! (Was that cheesy?)


* 3 avocados (pitted and peeled)

* 1 lime

* 1/2 red onion, finely chopped

* handful of fresh cilantro, chopped

*1 jalapeño, seeds removed, and chopped (keep in seeds for added heat)

* 1 Roma tomato chopped, seeded

* 1/2 teaspoon of cumin

* 1 hard boiled egg, white only (optional)

* big pinch of sea salt

* fresh ground pepper


In a large mixing bowl, add avocados and mash with fork or potato masher. For a smoother consistency, you can also place the avocados in a food processor and run on low. Squeeze in fresh lime juice and mix thoroughly. Add in the remaining ingredients and season to taste.

For another great Super Bowl starter check out my Buffalo Cauliflower Bites recipe here. Guaranteed to be a hit.



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