annie“After just 6 weeks into Donnie’s program, I am living free of pain and fatigue—things that I had battled daily since even before I was diagnosed with Lupus 11 years ago. Because my joint pain and fatigue has diminished so drastically, I am finally able to live a more active lifestyle—I go where I want to go, move and can run and play with my dog. There was a time when I got winded coming out of the subway. Suddenly, the extra weight I have been dragging around with me for years is starting to disappear without even trying. For me, Donnie’s advice has turned into a significant lifestyle transformation—an integral part of how I live. I no longer have to TRY to eat well, I WANT to eat well and I am not tempted by foods that will harm my health. In fact, I crave super foods and I am totally turned off by all those junk foods I used to day dream of.”

– Annie, Graphic Designer, 30

gene“Working with Donnie was a truly great thing for me. He took time to listen to my personal concerns and sculpted a plan that was realistic for my life style. As I started to feel the effects of his teachings things just got easier and more interesting. The experience will no doubt have an effect on the rest of my life and i enjoy passing on the knowledge that I’ve learned to my friends, co-workers and family. It is all about teaching and inspiring by example and that is what Donnie is all about.”

– Gene, Record Producer, 47


emily“Working with Donnie has hands down changed my life! Prior to working with Donnie I was stubborn and frustrated about some of the changes I wanted to make. With Donnie’s thoughtful plan composed of “baby steps”, or small, slow changes, I was able to work through all sorts of things. He is a wealth of knowledge – we didn’t just focus on food and health, but work and stress and life and love as well. He emanates positivity and passion, which makes the sessions fun and interesting. I highly recommend working with Donnie and due to his holistic approach he is able to help you improve your life in ways you never knew could be improved!It feels silly to say now, but I used to be so overwhelmed and scared by the thought of going to the grocery store and cooking for myself. I simply didn’t know what I should be eating-what was healthy-what would make me feel full, etc. I was so overwhelmed that I would eat out almost every night, which in turn left me feeling terrible and putting on extra weight. Now I’m a supermarket pro! I’m in and out in 30 minutes with no anxiety. I have tons of recipes (mostly provided by Donnie) that yield a few meals each and I’m cooking more than ever and truly ENJOYING it. I have a new found love for my kitchen. 🙂 BONUS: my headaches are gone too!”

– Emily, Digital Design Director, 30

james“Always looking to explore new avenues in life, I began working with Donnie to educate myself with the intention of spreading useful knowledge to those close to me. Even I was not anticipating the eye opening changes that I was about to undergo. Having lived 25 years with asthma, I assumed it would be a part of me for the rest of my life. Together we were able to cure me of my asthma and rid me of all symptoms within a short matter of time, which I will always be grateful for. My family is also thankful as they have learned and implemented my new lifestyle approach. Donnie has equipped me with the knowledge and ability to live more whole life. I would recommend any open-minded individuals looking to light a fire inside of themselves to explore what Donnie can offer.”

– James, Design Engineer, 25

andrea“Donnie’s program was the perfect way to kick start the new year. Every day, I felt energized, yet completely satisfied. His encouraging talks and support provided great ideas for various recipes that even the most inexperienced chef (such as myself) could easily whip up! I was surprised at how great I felt after just two weeks. Most importantly, this program has really inspired me to continue to make healthy choices. Thank you Donnie for this wonderful experience!”

– Andrea, Scientific Recruiter/Account Manager, 28