1-hour Lifestyle Re-Boot Call

Need to recharge the battery? Would you like to talk to someone to finally sort out what is labeled "healthy" vs. what is actually healthy? During this revolutionary call, we will establish goals and discuss the challenges that are getting in our way. Together, we will set a clear path to success and boost your motivation. Additionally, I will share some secrets to making these healthy habits survive in your day-to-day routine. Let's accelerate your health to the next level!

Your Health, Upgraded: Group Program

Join like minded individuals in this 6-week online holistic nutrition program, designed to help you master living well for the rest of your life. This program is guaranteed to break down health myths, and take you from frustrated and fearful to focused and fit. Learn how to shop smart, how to incorporate healthy foods in your busy day, how to keep your energy up, detox to avoid getting sick, and quick exercises to keep you fit. All this plus the accountability of the group dynamics in our private Facebook group. Your Health, Upgraded is about YOU. Your goals. Your body. Your life.

VIP One-on-One Coaching

Get the personal attention you deserve and become the healthiest version of you! Together, we will explore your goals and challenges and customize a healthy lifestyle that works for you. No more crash dieting, or restrictive living! Learn what your body needs and how to make it happen everyday. With the accountability and the knowledge you will gain, you are guaranteed to create healthy habits that last.