Why I stopped eating Breakfast

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As a kid, cereal was my jam. I could crush a couple of bowls, no problem. My mom, however, restricted me to one, maybe two bowls, often worried I’d be bouncing off the walls from the sugar, which I was. Captain Crunch was an all-time favorite, along with Golden Grahams. Oh, I can still taste the sugary milk at the bottom! That was always the best part!

But one cereal that always caught my attention, but I just couldn’t get into, was Wheaties. As a sports fanatic, I was always drawn to the top athletes that graced the cover of the boxes. If you were lucky, you’d even get posters of your favorite athlete inside. But Wheaties, your cereal sucked! It was too bland and never made for that delicious sugary milk.

Wheaties’ catch phrase claimed it was the “Breakfast of Champions”. As a gullible child, I was actually convinced that Michael Jordan was shoveling a bowl of these cardboard flakes down before each game. And so, I did too. All I wanted was more Honey Combs, but MJ was not eating Honey Combs….

For decades, the Wheaties marketing team (and nutrition experts), have promoted that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what if it’s not all that important, and well, just another meal?

A new hot topic in the “health world” is the idea of intermittent fasting. This theory is based on a routine in which you are feasting for certain hours and then fasting (consuming only liquids) for the remainder of the day. During the extended fasting period, you are giving your body a break from digestion and letting it concentrate on healing other areas of the body, i.e. excess fat, repairing cells and muscles, inflammation. The idea of fasting has been considered a method of healing for centuries. In fact, animals naturally fast when they are sick or distressed. When following an intermittent fasting diet, you are suggested to eat for 8 hours and then fast for 16. For example, you will eat from noon until 8pm and then fast for the next 16 hours.

At this point, you probably have a ton of questions and concerns, like “Oh my god, I’d be starving during the day!” Actually not really. Before writing this blog, I had decided to try intermittent fasting myself for the past month. Here’s what I experienced…

(Note: I took off on Weekends.)

After my alarm went off at 6am, the first thing I did was drink plenty of water. Thanks to the night’s sleep, I already had 8 hours in a fasted state under my belt. Only 8 more hours to go…

My first meal would start around 11am or 12 (my schedule often dictated the time). During the next 8 hours, I feasted. I mean I really ate! Because it’s such a short window, you will want to make sure you pack in the calories. My final meal each night would end by 8pm.

Although this was the time period that worked for me, you are welcome to change the schedule to fit your lifestyle.

Here’s what I enjoyed:

– Real simple to follow

– One less meal to have to worry about during the day

– Freed up more time to be more productive (You’d be surprised how much time eating takes up)

– Digestion felt great, especially at the end of the day. I was never bloated before bed.

– Loved the feasting part of it. You can eat as much as you want!

– Can help with weight loss

– Fewer heavy meals to weigh me down so mental focus and energy improved

Here’s what I didn’t like:

– I love breakfast and eating it at 12 is not the same.

– If you are not trying to lose weight, you really need to make sure you are eating enough calories during each feasting period.

– Sometimes when food wasn’t accessible during my feasting hours, I ended up fasting for a longer period of time.

– Working out in the morning was a little more difficult in a fasted state.

All in all, I believe intermittent fasting could be a valuable tool, and have since recommended it to many clients who are too busy or simply don’t know what to eat for breakfast.

Try it for yourself by starting with one day or alternating days. You may find it fits perfectly into your schedule and leaves you feeling amazing.

I would love to hear your results. Please keep me posted.