Breaking Up With Your Scale

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The scale is like a bad relationship. You know those relationships that we hang on to, “sticking it out”, hoping that one day the outcome will change. Some days you feel good, but for the most part, you feel miserable.

Think of me as your close friend, the honest friend who speaks up, encouraging you to ditch the relationship.

Hey you, it is time to break up with your scale and move on.

Here’s why:

It’s stressing you out!

I am all for tracking results, and I understand the need to weigh yourself at a yearly physical or maybe once a month to see where you “weigh in”, but weighing yourself every morning, multiple times a day, is destructive. No, you did got gain a pound from your cup of coffee.

Your weight will fluctuate throughout the day due to a variety of factors such as hormones, time of day, digestion, exercise, and how well you slept. Similar to that toxic relationship, on a “good” day, you radiate confidence, but the minute the scale tips too much to one side, you find yourself cursing, swearing you will never eat again. Get off this roller coaster of emotions.

The scale cannot track health.

Sure, it is nice to lose a pound or two, but that doesn’t necessarily allude to better health. Congratulations! You lost 5 pounds this week. But are you starving because you haven’t eaten, exhausted from exercising twice a day, and “backed up” from not going to the bathroom? Is that a sign of better health?

It’s a liar.

You hop on the scale and see you have lost 1 pound. “That’s all!?” The next time you are at the grocery store, grab a pound of meat and place it on your body. It’s a big chunk of meat! Now imagine losing 2 or even 3 lbs., that’s a lot so be proud! You see, the scale is not showing you how amazing you feel with more energy, deeper sleeps, clearer skin, and increased strength. What a liar!

Instead of playing the number game with the devious scale, try this…

Chase health.

Your new goal is to be the healthiest version of yourself.

Enjoy the foods that give you energy. Boost your immune system to feel your best. Avoid sugary foods and sleep like a baby. Find an exercise or movement you enjoy and do it daily because, hey, it’s fun. Eat vibrant, colorful food for radiant, glowing skin. Drink water and give yourself an internal bath. Take a picture of yourself every 3 months and notice the difference. Become the strongest you’ve ever been both physically and mentally.

When you become the healthiest version of yourself, weight loss is a side-effect. Don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself.

In the meantime, take out that scale and reenact the printer scene from the movie Office Space. Pictures and video submissions are greatly appreciated.

Here’s to new relationships,


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