About Donnie

donnie-desanti-childI was a nightmare of a child. A Terror Child: up all night, rambunctious, hyper, fearful

As a young boy, I truly tested my parents’ patience. I was greatly affected by my surroundings, fearful one minute, bouncing off the walls the next. Afraid of my father’s work boots, terrified to be left alone, frightened of my own shadow, my parents certainly had their hands full. When I was not worrying about everything under the sun, I was thoroughly enjoying the typical child’s diet of sweets and treats. Give me some sugar laden food, or something dyed red, and I’d show you what a ton of energy looked like.

The headache aside, my parents showered me with love. In fact, me being their first child, they thought this was normal. I was a little boy afterall, we are expected to run wild.

Finally, once I started school, teachers began to observe my behavior and frequent detentions. Within no time, I was diagnosed with ADHD, put on a daily dosage of Ritalin, and told I had a chemical imbalance which contributed to a learning disability.

On paper, the Ritalin was working. My behavior improved, I was getting better grades, and I calmed down. But inside, I felt embarrassed and broken.

Finally in high school, I discovered the power of food!
Inspired by a woman who reversed cancer through a change in her diet and lifestyle, I was confident that if I changed what was on my plate, I too could live medication free.

Through trial and error and constant research and support, I am proud to say I have now been medication free since 1993.

Since then, the idea of maintaining a healthy mind and body has been a burning passion of mine.

I truly believe optimal health is the fuel that drives us to fully experience life. If we listen to our bodies and understand what it needs, it will return the favor and help us unleash our true potential. The best place to start is by examining what is on our plate. But what most people do not realize is that health goes beyond just what is on our plate, it encompasses all aspects of our lives from the food we eat to the relationships in our life.

My passion for health and wellness led me to pursue my training at Institute of Integrative Nutrition. It was here that I honed my craft while studying with the top experts in the field. Today, I am fortunate to do what I love and that is to help people give themselves the gift of health.

If you are ready to give the gift of health back to yourself and unlock your true potential, then schedule your Healthy Breakthrough Session today.